Toby Manley
Acting Coach

Toby Manley

I’m a stage and screen actor with 20 years experience in the industry, from the West End & Broadway to the BBC, ITV and much more.

I’m hugely passionate about Acting and my aim as a coach is to help you realise your potential and become the very best actor you can be!

Rather than "breaking you down to build you back up" let’s identify and harness your strengths, boost and maintain your confidence and technique, then troubleshoot and tweak the rest!

It’s true that there’s no secret formula to booking every acting job, nor one perfect way to bring a character to life. However, there are many practical techniques that we can explore from Classical to Stanislavski to Meisner and beyond! Adding these to your skill set will put you in the best possible position when you are called upon to audition and to perform.

Should you require any assistance at all then feel free to get in touch. We can discuss which session would suit you best and tailor the coaching to your needs:

Studio sessions are subject to availability.
Group session rate is based on 5 people / 2hrs.